A Message from Delbert D. Konnor, PharmMS

As the former head of voluntary compliance with U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration, I know first-hand that the vast majority of DEA registrants want nothing more than to fully abide by all federal and state laws governing the distribution of controlled substances.

But even companies with the best of intentions often find that full compliance with all DEA requirements is a challenge.

Because of our years of experience with the Drug Enforcement Administration, those of us at the DEA Solutions Group know that keeping up with the shifts in federal and state controlled substances ground rules can be a daunting task. Even when the regulations themselves remain constant, changes in DEA regulatory personnel or enforcement priorities and policies can create serious compliance problems for registrants.

Thatís where DEA Solutions Group comes in. A number of former DEA diversion control experts have joined me in the DEA Solutions Group to help pharmaceutical manufacturers, healthcare distributors, pharmacies, hospitals, healthcare practitioners, and other registrant groups better understand and comply with the laws and regulations governing controlled substances.

We know from years of experience at DEA that this agency is committed to protecting our country from the abuse, misuse, and diversion of controlled substances.

We believe that the pharmaceutical manufacturers, healthcare distributors, pharmacies, hospitals, and healthcare practitioners trusted to make these important medicines available to patients share DEAís goal.

We believe that regulators should expect sincere, good faith compliance efforts by industry.

And, we believe and that DEA registrants should expect fair, reasonable, and even-handed treatment by all federal and state regulatory agencies responsible for enforcing our nationís drug laws.

Delbert D. Konnor, PharmMS

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