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-----Q: I recently read about the new law regarding List I Chemicals. When will this new law take effect and how will it affect my business?

-----A: A part of the law is already in effect. Another part will take effect in September this year. Certain List I Chemicals will now be knows as Scheduled Listed Chemicals (SLC’s) and will be subject to quotas similar to Schedule II Controlled Substances. DEA is working on regulations.

-----Q: I understand that the biennial inventory regulations have changed in the last few years. What does my company have to do to comply with these changes?

-----A: Biennial inventory requirements have been modified pursuant to regulations; however, they are still required. DEA Solutions Group will be glad to go over these requirements with you.

-----Q: DEA has proposed requiring separate registrations for controlled substances and Listed Chemicals. Has this been put into effect yet?

-----A: DEA published a Federal Register announcement pertaining to this requirement and the comment period ended January 2006 We are all waiting the final rule.