What We Do

At the DEA Solutions Group, we do more than address the controlled substances compliance issues that arise for our clients – we anticipate potential problems and help businesses avoid costly regulatory and legal difficulties down the road. Foresight is an essential key to doing the right thing, at the right time, at the right place, for the right reasons.

Complete assessment of existing company policies for complying with the DEA Controlled Substances Act and its regulations.

Import/Export Permits and Declarations
Assist companies with understanding and completing required paperwork for importing and exporting controlled substances for more than 70 United Nations signatory countries concerning Narcotic and Psychotropic Substances.

ARCOS/List I Chemicals
Assist in compliance with ARCOS reporting requirements and compliance with special DEA rules governing List I Chemicals and suspicious order monitoring systems.

Hospital Compliance and Security
Analyze, audit, and test recordkeeping systems for compliance with DEA regulations and provide additional services that focus on hospital physical and employee security, risk assessment, and loss prevention associated with internal theft.

Pain Clinics Services
Design educational services to help physicians and pain clinics ensure that their use of controlled substances is in compliance with current DEA requirements

Security Design
Design and implementation of controlled substance security systems for pharmaceutical manufacturers, healthcare distributors, hospitals, and community pharmacies.

Standard Operating Procedures
Develop sound and appropriate standard operating procedures tailored to the needs of each client.

Regulatory Guidelines
Prepare Regulatory Guidelines governing recordkeeping, security, disposal of controlled substances, reporting thefts and losses, and other issues.

DEA Registration
Assist in satisfying the security and regulatory requirements necessary for completing the DEA registration process.

Design training programs and materials for management and key employees to enhance compliance at all levels of an organization.

Mock Inspections
Conduct mock inspections to help identify potential problem areas before they create regulatory or legal problems.

Liaison with all regulatory and enforcement agencies, including on-premises representation during any DEA inspection.

And much more
-- Other services available to clients of the DEA Solutions Group include expert witness testimony, Freedom of Information Act requests, conduct full accountability audits that track the flow of controlled substances, retained consultant service, and review a company’s internal auditing procedures.

In representing our clients, the DEA Solutions Group relies on Four Guiding Principles — our Pledge: Service - Support - Commitment - Results

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